MindFit Institute

MindFit Institute is a collaborative international education and research center committed to awareness, understanding and improvement of human well-being and development.

Its members include professionals, academics, researchers and entrepreneurs, who collaborate in different training programs in multiple countries around the world, in areas such as leadership, happiness, motivation, stress, business productivity or neuroscience, among others.

The MindFit Institute develops essential research work, which has been intensified during the pandemic by COVID-19 in a focus on scientific areas related to resilience, stress, emotional intelligence or happiness, working collaboratively from universities in Spain and Latin America (such as the University of Malaga in Spain, Quality Leadership University in Panama, the Universidad Central del Valle del Cauca in Colombia, the Universidad Marista de Guadalajara in Mexico or the Universidad del Valle in Nicaragua).

Research is seeing what everyone else has seen, and thinking what no one else has thought.

Albert Szent-Györgyi
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