Mental well-being based on scientific evidence

Our methodology has been created and validated by experts and researchers from different business, technical and human disciplines, applying the results of the latest research in the fields of human behavioral science and psychology.

All this allows us to provide effective mental health and coaching programs that impact not only on the different levels of the organizational structure, but also on the company’s profitability.

We assess the individual needs of the human team

We evaluate, with tests based on scientific evidence, the needs of each employee in order to provide them with a personalized mental and emotional wellness plan.

Answer the questions of the initial self-assessment test

We will guide each employee through a scientifically validated self-assessment to learn about their needs and strengths. During the personal development process, different diagnostic tests will allow us to know the achievement of individual and collective objectives.

MindFit Digital Library

Based on the answers of the self-assessment and with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), we will create a personalized plan to help the employee achieve their goals and develop routines for personal and professional well-being, through a rich library of resources. In addition, a series of certified online educational programs focused on professional and human development will be available.

Access to the best certified coaches and psychologists

The personalized combination of programs and digital content will be supported with individual and group coaching sessions, as well as online psychological therapy.

The personal transformation and emotional well-being of your employees is an essential step to increase your company's efficiency and productivity.


Transportation expenses
Meals and per diems
Health, dental, life and other insurance
Social Security
Office and work space expenses

A minimum investment to maximize your company's performance and productivity

MindFit increases your team’s productivity, improving skills and employee performance, with an optimal investment.

"Happiness appears when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony."

Mahatma Gandhi

What benefits do MindFit clients value?



The individual coaching sessions, under our own modern platform, guarantee personalization, confidentiality and quality from the hands of experienced coaches and psychologists.



Our events and group sessions, led by MindFit experts, are designed to improve communication, teamwork and working relationships.



MindFit’s administration panel provides detailed information on the use of the tool, the follow-up of customized plans, as well as the evolution and impacts obtained.

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